"Building up the Kingdom of God"

       National Catholic Apostolic Church

   in the United States 




"Suddenly there came a sound from heaven , as of a violent wind. . .it filled the whole house. . .And there appeared to them parted tongues as of fire, which settled upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit" (Book of Acts).

On Christmas we celebrate the birthday of Christ in His Physical Body. Today is the birthday of the Church, of all those who have been reborn into His Mystical Body.

How did the first Christians prepare? They were all "in prayer" with Mary; and they were "all of one mind," under the leadership of Peter, making ready to tell "men from every nation under heaven. . .of the wonderful works of God" Epistle). Yes, prayer and action are the marks of the true Christian.

In the Offertory we ask the Holy Spirit to "confirm" the graces "wrought in us" when we were baptized and confirmed. We pray also "to relish" things of the Spirit and to benefit by "His consolation" (Prayer) in the struggle of Church and soul against "the prince of the world" (Gospel).

May you and your family have a blessed and holy Pentecost! Happy birthday Church! 

+Michel Joseph, O.S.B.


                              TRAVELING SCHEDULE OF THE PRIMATE
September 5-9 Pastoral Visit to Peabody, MA Parish of St. Clare of Assisi. 

 (Pospuesto hasta el ano próximo) Noviembre 18-29
Visita Pastoral al Vicariato San Benito Abad - Argentina
-Visita Parroquial
-Encuentro con el Clero, Seminaristas y Candidatos
-Celebraciones Patronal de Santa Catalina de Alejandria (Zona Norte, Buenos Aires)

Décembre 15-30 (Tentative) 
Visite Pastorale au Vicariat St. Jean-Marie Vianney-Cameroun(Yaoundé) en union avec le Vicariat de l'Immaculee Conception (Congo).
- Rite de Réception des nouveaux clercs
-Visite avec les Disciples d'Emmaüs
-Ordinations diaconal & presbytéral
-Messe Chrismale
-Bénédictions spéciales & Visites des communauté ecclésiatiques