"Building up the Kingdom of God"

       National Catholic Apostolic Church

   in the United States 



God is a God of mercy, of compassion and forgiveness. God is not vengeful. He loves all His children. But sometimes some of His children stray from the path of righteousness and become vengeful because of their dissatisfaction and they enjoy and revel in trying to destroy others who are following the right path. That is evil in itself, work of the Evil One who has entered the hearts of those who seek to harm others by their gossip which comes from their evil tongues. Know that, if the Evil One's attacking you, then you know you are in the right path that God has chosen for you. If you are not being attacked by the Evil One, the false accuser, then you are not walking in the path God has set out for you. The Evil One will not bother with you as you are already where he wants you to be. So rejoice and be glad for great are you, who love God and walk in His path. God is on your side!