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Apostolic Succession

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"Let them produce the original records of their churches; let them unfold the roll of their bishops, running down in due succession from the beginning in such a manner that [that first bishop of theirs] bishop shall be able to show for his ordainer and predecessor some one of the apostles or of apostolic men "  


Wherever the bishop appears, there let the people be; as wherever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church. 

Letter to the Smyrnaeans 

                                                                               Ignatius of Antioch


The doctrine of apostolic succession states that Christ gave the full sacramental authority of the Church to the Twelve Apostles in the sacrament of Holy Orders , making them the first Bishops (Overseers). By conferring the fullness of the sacrament of Holy Orders on the apostles, they were given the authority to confer the sacrament of Holy Orders on other men, thus consecrating more bishops in a direct lineage that can trace its origin back to the Twelve Apostles and Christ. 

This direct succession of bishops from the apostles to the present day bishops is referred to as Apostolic Succession.

Therefore Christ entrusted the Apostles with the leadership of the community of believers, and the obligation to transmit and preserve the "deposit of faith", in latin "DEPOSITUM FIDEI" (that is to say, the experience of Christ and his teachings contained in the doctrinal "tradition" handed down from the time of the apostles and the written portion, which is Scripture)

The apostles then passed on this office and authority by ordaining men as bishops to follow after them.

Justo Roque Gonzales Consacrating Michel Joseph Pugin

The Most Reverend Michel Joseph Pugin, OSB

 Apostolic Succession:

MICHEL JOSEPH PUGIN was consecrated Diocesan Bishop of the Diocese of Outaouais of the Catholic Apostolic Church in Canada on May 1, 1993 by Justo Roque Gonzalez Trimiño, Chancellor of ICAN in the United States, 

Primate of the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America (CACINA) and Bishop of the Diocese of New York; assisted by Jose Juan Villegas, Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of New York of the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America and President of the College of Bishops, and Joseph Hladney, Diocesan Bishop, Diocese of Miami - Fort Lauderdale of the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America.

JUSTO ROQUE GONZALEZ TRIMIÑO  was consecrated  Diocesan Bishop of the Diocese of Manhattan and Trenton of the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America on March 5, 1989 by Dom Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez, Patriarch of the Igreja Católica Apostolica Brasileira ( ICAB) assisted by Dom Bartolomeu Sebastião Vilela, Coadjutor Bishop of Brasilia.

LUIS FERNANDO CASTILLO MENDEZ was consecrated Bishop for the Iglesia Católica Apostolica de Venezuela on May 3, 1948 by Carlos Duarte Costa, Primate and founding bishop of the Igreja Católica Apostolica Brasileira, assisted by Dom Salomão Ferraz, Bishop consecrated by Dom Carlos Duarte Costa who later returned to the Roman Catholic Church and was accepted as a valid Bishop by H.H. Pope John XXIII, and was appointed as Titular Bishop of Eleutherna.

CARLOS DUARTE COSTA was consecrated Titular Bishop of Maura and Diocesan Bishop of Botucatu, Sao Paulo, Brazil of the Roman Catholic Church on December 8, 1924 by Sebastiao Leme de Silveira Cintra Titular Bishop of Orthosia who was also later, Cardinal and Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro. Carlos  Duarte Costa established the Igreja Católica Apostolica Brasileira July 6, 1945 subsequent to his expulsion from the Roman Catholic Church by 

H.H. Pius XII. 

(The remaining succession is shared with the Roman Catholic Church.)