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       National Catholic Apostolic Church

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Primate's Schedule for 2017

March 10 - 17               Ottawa, Ontario, Canada for the funeral/celebration of life of my Uncle.                  
March 26-April 3       Pastoral Visit to our  "Prelatura" in Medellin Colombia
May 8-10                       Franciscan Retreat at Casa San Carlos, Deerfield Beach, FL & Ordination to the Episcopacy                                         of Bishop-elect Robert Louis Cassizzi, OSF
May 9                            Ordination to the Episcopacy of Bishop-elect Robert Louis Cassizzi, OSF
May 11-14                      Ordination to the Episcopacy of Bishop-elect Kevin Francis Donlon of the Anglicans in                                                 Mission in Pawleys Island, South Carolina   
May 14-15                    Installation of Bishop Kevin Francis Donlon as Bishop Emissary of the Anglican Society for                                         Missions  and Apostolic Works
May 19-22                  Annual   Pastoral Visit for the celebration of Baptisms, First Communions and                                                                    Confirmations at our satellite community of San Lazaro el Pobre in Houston, Texas. 
July 12 - 19                  Pastoral Visit to our Parish of Divine Mercy of Jesus in San Antonio, TX and for some R & R
Aug. 17-Sept. 11           Episcopal Ordination of  Su Excelencia Reverendisima Monseñor Alejandro Paulo                                                                                                                  Rodriguez. I will be the first co-consecrator at the Cathedral  of San Expedito el Mártir in Garin/Buenos Aires. I'll also be making Pastoral Visits to the many parishes. I will also visit several Fire Stations under the direction of Monsenor Adrian Guedes the Primate of Argentina. I will also be meeting with government officials and dignataries.                                                                                                                                             
Sept 29 -Oct 4              Pastoral Visit to our Parish of St. Clare of Assisi in Peabody, MA for the Transitus of St. Francis of Assisi.      

Oct 4- Oct 7         Visit to Bishop Kenneth in New Jersey.

Dec. 7 - Dec. 15  San Antonio Texas.

Dec. 16 - 17  Rincon de San Lazaro celebrations in Hialeah, Florida.

Dec. 18 - Jan. 18      Pastoral Visit to our Vicariate (San Francesco de Assisi),  Italy, Ragusa.  
Visiting our Episcopal Legate Monsignor Angelo Casali (Holy Celtic Church) and Padre Alberto Piccione in Bergamo. 
Meeting with the Anglican Episcopal Church's representative in Rome, Monsenor Luis Perea Castrillon.