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Primate's Schedule for 2017

March 10 - 17               Ottawa, Ontario, Canada for the funeral/celebration of life of my Uncle.                  
March 26-April 3       Pastoral Visit to our  "Prelatura" in Medellin Colombia
May 8-10                       Franciscan Retreat at Casa San Carlos, Deerfield Beach, FL & Ordination to the Episcopacy                                         of Bishop-elect Robert Louis Cassizzi, OSF
May 9                            Ordination to the Episcopacy of Bishop-elect Robert Louis Cassizzi, OSF
May 11-14                      Ordination to the Episcopacy of Bishop-elect Kevin Francis Donlon of the Anglicans in                                                 Mission in Pawleys Island, South Carolina   
May 14-15                    Installation of Bishop Kevin Francis Donlon as Bishop Emissary of the Anglican Society for                                         Missions  and Apostolic Works
May 19-22                  Annual   Pastoral Visit for the celebration of Baptisms, First Communions and                                                                    Confirmations at our satellite community of San Lazaro el Pobre in Houston, Texas. 
July 12 - 19                  Pastoral Visit to our Parish of Divine Mercy of Jesus in San Antonio, TX and for some R & R
Aug. 17-Sept. 11           Episcopal Ordination of  Su Excelencia Reverendisima Monseñor Alejandro Paulo                                                                                                                  Rodriguez. I will be the first co-consecrator at the Cathedral  of San Expedito el Mártir in Garin/Buenos Aires. I'll also be making Pastoral Visits to the many parishes. I will also visit several Fire Stations under the direction of Monsenor Adrian Guedes the Primate of Argentina. I will also be meeting with government officials and dignataries. We will also open a dialogue between our jurisdictions, for the possibility of becoming "ONE", in following the prayer of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.                                                                                                                                              
Sept 29 -Oct 4              Pastoral Visit to our Parish of St. Clare of Assisi in Peabody, MA for the Transitus of St.                                                 Francis of Assisi.  
Dec. 18 - Jan. 18      Pastoral Visit to our Vicariate (San Francesco de Assisi),  Italy, Ragusa. I will be visiting our Episcopal Legate Monsignor Angelo Casali and Fr. Alberto Piccione in Bergamo.